Cancel Culture Suicide

Fox News claims to be the champion of those who oppose “cancel culture.” The cable network even has a page on its website dedicated to the the rise of the practice which it amplifies as follows:

The fear of being “canceled” due to unpopular political and cultural opinions or unsubstantiated allegations, often amplified with viral Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts, has become a serious issue in America.

The sub-site is populated with stories such as:

  • Cancel culture is getting canceled and it’s about time
  • Cancel culture mob attacked Jason Aldean. They came for “God Bless the USA,” but they can’t cancel all of us
  • Etsy accused of banning “De-Trans Awareness” products for violating “prohibited items policy”
  • Country boys will survive the work warriors
  • Five ways Ayn Rand predicted America’s political crises, from parents spurned to the rise of cancel culture

On Thursday morning, Fox News once again demonstrated its tag line “Fair and Balanced” should be replaced with “Watch what we do, not what we say.” Remember, this is the same network which railed against vaccines while mandating its own employees be fully “stabbed.” On the August 3 edition of “Fox and Friends,” co-host Steve Doocy began reporting on Bill Barr’s interview with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins in which the former attorney general eviscerated the Trump legal team’s claim the special counsel’s indictment was a violation of their client’s First Amendment rights.

[T]his is not about the First Amendment. He said that Donald Trump can say whatever he wants. He can lie. He can tell people the election was stolen. But that does not protect you from entering into a conspiracy. And the former attorney general said free speech does not give you the right for fraudulent conspiracy. And it’s all about the conspiracy.

Instead of paying attention to Doocy, co-host Ainsley Earhardt looks down and appears to be listening to a message coming over her earpiece. She then picks up a piece of paper and interrupts Doocy.

Earhardt: Yeah. It’s really about the double standard here. And that’s what makes conservatives mad. It is when you look at Donald Trump getting slapped with 78 felony charges, 640 years if convicted behind bars. Okay. The sitting president, in his garage, had classified documents, too.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade: We have no idea how that is going.

Earhardt: Exactly. We haven’t heard from that special counsel at all. So, that’s what America’s mad at. That’s why Republicans are supporting Donald Trump. … They are fed up with the way the government is going, with the DOJ, it looks like a two-tiered justice system and people are mad.

I know, Fox News is not the government and therefore has a right to control what is said and not said on its network. But neither is Disney or Etsy or every other private corporation they have vilified on air or on their website. Therefore, with apologies to Walt Kelly, let me suggest another tag line to replace “Fair and Balanced.”

FOX NEWS: We have met the enemy and it is us.

For what it’s worth. Dr. ESP

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  1. All facts are not the same. All credibility is not the same. We all confront the need to eliminate time wasting idiots from our personal decision making calculus. DOJ does an excellent job eliminating the wheat from the chaff.

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