Kardashian Politics


Last weekend I visited a friend who has worked for several Republican governors and whose opinion I greatly respect.  Of course, I wanted his take on the Trump phenomenon. His response, “You’ve got to admit, he’s brought a lot of new voters to the Republican party.”

If you only look at the total number of votes in the Republican primaries compared to the last few election cycles you might agree, but I don’t.  Trump is to the Republican party what Mother Kris and her family is to the E! Channel.  Kardashian fans are extremely loyal to their celebrity idols.  But do you honestly believe, if the Kardashians left the E! Channel, their followers would continue to watch E!’s replacements at the same ratings level.

This is the exact same conundrum the Republican Party faces at it’s convention this summer.  If the party establishment figures out a way to replace Trump as their “star attraction,” how many of these new “GOP voters” will remain loyal to the party?  When Trump accuses the GOP leadership of undermining his right to the throne, what is the chance he backs the eventual nominee?  And how quickly will all those new voters disappear?  My guess, faster than a New York minute.

Both Trump and the Kardashians represent the increasing cult of personality, not a political party/ideology or a television network.  Do not confuse the two.

For what it’s worth.