Deprog101 Challenge #1

[Blogger’s NOTE:  The latest Quinnipiac poll, in which Joe Biden jumped to a six point lead (50-44) is evidence Donald Trump is stuck at a ceiling in the mid-40s while Biden’s previous lows were a floor.  Additionally, Trump’s behavior in and out of the courtroom has alienated women and independents increasing Biden’s margin among these all important constituencies.  Based on this trend, I thought it might be time to take a break and explore the less serious side of the current political discourse.]

Back in the days of young adult mystery series such as Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, there were also the tales of an adventurous young scientist whose stories involved space ships, ray guns and other futuristic inventions.  An endearing feature of the Tom Swift novels was author Victor Appleton’s use of adverbs or synonyms for the word “said” to enhance the characters’ dialogue.  A terse response might include the phrase, “Tom said quickly.”  Or when he hesitated, Appleton would add, “Tom stammered.”

In response, fans of Appleton’s work created a parlor game which became known as “Tom Swifties.”  The goal was to emulate the author’s style with the addition of a pun.  The following is the oft-cited classic example.

“If you want me, I shall be in the attic,” Tom said loftily.

Tom Swifties gained popularity following a May 13, 1963 article in Time magazine which included a contest where readers were encouraged to share their own creations.  Below are a couple of my all-time favorites.

“What our team needs is a home run hitter,” Tom said ruthlessly.

“We just struck oil,” Tom gushed.

Based on the GOP’s obsession with another Swift, I wondered if it might be time to revive the pastime, this time under the banner “Taylor Swifties.”  Consider the following examples.

“I think it’s time to put Senator Grassley from Iowa out to pasture,” Taylor chuckled.

“I’ll take my fans over his supporters any day of the year,” Taylor trumpeted.

“I’m pretty sure there is a deep state conspiracy behind the Chiefs’ Super Bowl run, although I have no evidence,” PizzaGate theorist Jack Posbiec  fumbled.

To enter the Deprog101 Challenge #1, submit your “Taylor Swifties” as comments to this post.  “The winner will receive a free life-time subscription to this blog,” Dr. ESP said frugally.

For what it’s worth.

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  1. Of course Travis is the Chiefs best player at end, Taylor said tightly. (Yes, that’s a real stretch.)

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